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Eugenes jl

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Thank you for the add, Neil & Diane here. First time Jeep owners long time mini owners. Have only been in wisconsin for 6 years now and had realized the mini convertible didn't go that good in the snow and the wife wanted to have another convertible and figured the Jeep wrangler jl with a soft top would be the best fit for up here considering we lived in florida for over 30 years. Am looking forward as to how it does though so come on snow. Also really like the thousands of way a jeep can be personalized so this will be fun and looking forward to learning from someone else's mistakes.

Eugenes jl

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Thank you. And I have to laugh that the first person that replies is from Canada when my wife just got off the phone with a guy from canada complaining how lazy people are down here in the states. It was just the timing of the reply. Lol

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Welcome @Eugenes jl

Thank you for joining and introducing yourself, we are always excited to see new members in the forums.

This a great community to be apart of, tons of information on the site including informative members and vendors so don't hesitate to ask questions.

We would love to see some photos of the new rig when you get the chance!

Eugenes jl

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Finally got the hard top off yesterday and didn't have a whole lot of fun putting on the soft top but it is done. Had an oops on the backs of the roll bar but the wife is not a go to person for even the soft top much less the hard too. Hopefully she will never see this comment. Lol


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