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I just bought my first Jeep ('18 JUL Rubicon) in Nov. It appears to have had rocker armor installed by at some point that was removed before before being traded in. I'd like to put them back on and have looking online to match the rivnut pattern. I'm now pretty sure they were EVO-907 Rockskins and wonder if you would you take a look at my photo and let me know if you agree?


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Got the new S&B intake system, with the functional hood scoops installed. Immediate difference felt, & I don't have the better flowing exhaust yet. That'll be next. The drivers side feeds air over the turbo when moving & let's heat escape when hot. My money mods start with making the engine more efficient. Plus little accessory add ons. Future add ons will include lighting & bumpers.20221107_124739.jpg
are these wheels still available
Yes, the wheels are still available. Sorry I do not get much time to get back on the forum every day.
Hello Mikey, did you find a place to pass through the firewall? I too have a manual transmission 2020 JLU Rubicon and need to pass through the passenger side firewall. Any help you are willing to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sir, -Paul
Good morning I was wondering if you still had the mount for the twin arb? If so interested in purchasing. I hope you and your family have a great day