Wave from Wisconsin


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Hello everybody. I’m in S.E. Wisconsin and am on my fourth Jeep. Over 30 years with a Jeep.

My first was a 1980 CJ-5 that I had until recently. Then I cycled through a couple of TJs and then went through what my wife refers to as my midlife crises M class BMW (it was a mall crawler, never got it off road).

But now I’m back in a Jeep, where I belong. It is a black 2 door 2019 JL Rubicon. I’ll include pictures of the current and past Jeeps. I’ll keep this short and get on with the pictures.



Audrey April 020.jpg


Don’t know if I did the photos right or not. Guess we will find out.


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Good looking collection and welcome to JLWrangler!

2012 JKUR Billet Silver
2012 JK Dozer
1975 DJ5 Postal


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Thanks everyone. The JLs are so refined and stylish that I don’t miss them as bad as I used to. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I now have something new to work with.