no start....2018 JLUR 3.6


Hello, to everyone out there that could possibly help diag my jeep...thanks in advance!!!

symptom: starter "coughs" attempting to start then a 3 second pause and one last cough and nothing.

I had a bad battery showing 9.6 volts so I jumped my jeep and drove it around a few blocks.
Then, all of a sudden, the jeep died.

I put a new battery in H7 with 12.8V showing on the multi meter

same symptom

I did a aux battery delete as soon as i bought my jeep back in 2019

things i did:

1. turned the crank with a ratchet and the crank spins
2. wired a 2awg wire directly from pos bat term to starter
3. replaced the main battery with a new H7
4. checked the main buss and replaced with a new buss just in case
5. swapped around the relays in the fuse box
6. REPLACED with a new mopar starter

Not in any specific order

what else am i missing? please help!



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