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  1. drhcobra

    PSC Hydro Assist install

    What’s your thoughts on the PSC other than the belt? I’m considering it myself.
  2. drhcobra

    Spare Tire Carrier

    Yes it will work fine. As long as the fire clears the bumper and you may need spacers or some washers on the lugs because of a wider tire.
  3. drhcobra

    Running without fender liners.

    Check out paramount automotive inner fenders.
  4. drhcobra

    Rock slider advice

    Mine are the angled up version. Forgot they made the flat step.
  5. drhcobra

    Rock slider advice

    I have the rock hard patriot sliders on my 2-door and like them a lot. They are quite solid. Probably not as good a step as the roam which I had considered. Powder coat seems pretty durable on them as well.
  6. drhcobra

    JL Wrangler AXLES - Dana M186 & M210 Front / M200 & M220 Rear

    I'd be tempted to find rubi axles, then you'd have the lockers too. If you want them.
  7. drhcobra

    What to expect/plan for 35's on JLUR?

    35's, not a big difference. You won't use 6th gear as much.
  8. drhcobra

    2 Door

    Not as long as you thought about what you plan to do with your jeep.
  9. drhcobra

    Front drive shaft loose

    Good point, I'm assuming up and down.
  10. drhcobra

    Front drive shaft loose

    If your pinion shaft has play I would think it would be bearings. Gonna have to tear into it. If you aren't mechanically inclined I would have a trusted shop look at it
  11. drhcobra

    Front drive shaft loose

    There should not be any play in the shaft. Sounds like more than a seal.
  12. drhcobra

    New Build by Off Road Evolution

    Looks good(y)
  13. drhcobra


    Congrats, another 2-door!
  14. drhcobra

    Delayed Jeep Wave from RVA

    Congrats, nice Jeep
  15. drhcobra

    VIDEO : So... What did We Buy?

    A 2-door manual trans, now I'm not the only one. LOL Congrats
  16. drhcobra

    Auto start/stop unavailable?

    Removed both batteries and both tested good. Everything is back to normal after putting them back in. Must have been related to unplugging stuff when removing axles.
  17. drhcobra

    What to expect/plan for 35's on JLUR?

    You should be able to make the stock tire carrier work on a rubicon with 35's.
  18. drhcobra

    Auto start/stop unavailable?

    I have it disabled just trying to get rid of the annoying bell and light that’s always on Sent from my iPhone using JL Wrangler Jeep Forum mobile app
  19. drhcobra

    Auto start/stop unavailable?

    Gonna check my aux battery next. Thanks
  20. drhcobra

    Auto start/stop unavailable?

    Well, tired top gear re-learn which you have to do for manual trans after tire size change. No luck. Unmarried and started from scratch, no luck. Thanks for the idea.