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  1. TrailHunter

    New JL - Bent Flange or Bad Bearing?

    My buddy bought a new JLU Sahara for his wife... it has a small lift, 35” tires 2000 miles and never seen the Dirt.. The rear flange is moving a lot.. and there are metal shavings in the housing. He said there were no impacts to the wheel of any sort. He started hearing noise when the wheel was...
  2. TrailHunter

    Freaks and Geeks

    Don’t take this the wrong way... but this thread made me think of this... lol.
  3. TrailHunter

    Body lift???

  4. TrailHunter

    Maybe a stupid question but...

  5. TrailHunter

    Actual MPG Numbers?

    What kind of “City” MPG numbers are you guys seeing with your Stock JLU?
  6. TrailHunter

    My attempt at Being a JL Salesman

    So my wife wants a new ride... she’s currently in a 13 Honda Accord. Its a great vehicle with good mileage. She drives a lot for work being in Sales... and mpg is an issue. But with our boys getting older, she is ready for a slightly larger vehicle that sits higher. To make a short story...
  7. TrailHunter

    HITCH STINGERS are NOW AVAILABLE - Order Yours Today!!

    Got My Hitch Mounted Stinger today too!!! Guaranteed to protect the spare against rocks! It’s a Step for Reaching new Heights! A Bike Rack! For Fishing! Are you a Farmer?? It’s a Plow!! It can Hold 5 Cocktails!! 7 Beers!!! A Keg!!! And So Much More!!! Get...
  8. TrailHunter

    I heard through the Jeep grape vine you guys were dicks over here.

    You can get a really nice pressure washer for about $400... I bet it would do a great job of removing the sand from your Vagina.... It might even blow the stick out of your ass... worth a shot.
  9. TrailHunter

    Possible good news for the Jeep Wrangler

  10. TrailHunter

    WRITE-UP : HOW TO Determine the Actual Amount of Lift on Your JL WRANGLER

    Interesting... I just measured my stock 17JKUR from the same points and here is what I got... Front - 9” Rear - 6” I was expecting a bigger difference at the rear.... maybe the mounts/frame are different though.
  11. TrailHunter

    Off Road Pages

    We have Off Road Pages in our 2017.... I’ll trade you straight up for your JL. [emoji41]
  12. TrailHunter

    JL Wrangler Spottings

    Finally had my first JL sighting in the South Bay today on the 405... Nothing spectacular... only cool for me since I’ve only seen pictures thus far.... at quick glances or from a distance, it still looks like a JK until you focus on the grill or fenders....
  13. TrailHunter

    A LITTLE LIFT for JET Li : EVO MFG 2.5" JL Boost Stage 4 w/Shock Extensions

    A LITTLE LIFT for JET Li : EVO MFG 2.5" JL Boost Stage 4 w/Shock Extensions Remember when your friends made fun because you always wanted to play with these: Who’s laughing now?........ bitches. [emoji41]
  14. TrailHunter

    WAYALIFE Presidents Weekend Death Valley Run 2018

    Nice Book Ends.... bet there’s a lot of great stories in there.
  15. TrailHunter

    Where would you mount an ARB twin air compressor

    I bet they try to sneak it in right here: