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  1. Saint Augustine JLR

    From sunny South Florida

    Sorry for the late welcome, brother! I was out wheelin' Uwharrie - in NC. Congrats on the change in platform for your wheeler. That must be a huge change - you have the ability to haul stuff now! LOL! Look around and enjoy this place; it is a wealth of knowledge.
  2. Saint Augustine JLR

    My New Rubi 😊

    Oh, what a beauty queen! Congrats!! And welcome! What a wonderful world you have joined.
  3. Saint Augustine JLR

    Hello! First time Jeep owner here

    Welcome. Man I envy you. Everything Jeep is new! What a world that would be. Hey, RamRob - would that be a fan of Super Troopers (team ram rod) or just a fan of the trucks (team Ram) as in the best Jeep-like truck around?
  4. Saint Augustine JLR


    Believe it or not, grey, black, white, and yellow all look amazing with your Jeep. Personally, I like the factory grey. Use the grey that is already on the Jeep to create a factory look. Like this:
  5. Saint Augustine JLR

    How low is too low?

    I think you are in the ball park. I also think @Remmy hit on something really important in that it depends on if you're out there on your own or with a group. Having support allows you to be a bit "extra" bold and search for that extra grip. If you get in trouble you have people watching your...
  6. Saint Augustine JLR

    What to expect/plan for 35's on JLUR?

    I'm running: 35x13.5x17 Maxxis Razr MT on my stock 2020 Rubicon with no issues or modifications at all. I did use my AEV ProCal Snap to reprogram the speedo for the new tire size. *Note: make sure you measure the tire size - don't use the size listed on the tire. If you need a class on tire...
  7. Saint Augustine JLR

    37'' spare tire

    I can actually vouch for Rusty's Offroad. I've been using their stuff for decades and it is the best engineered stuff I've found - as well as the beefiest. No kidding, Rusty's stuff is seriously over-engineered to the point I think the dude is German! LOL Do yourself a favor and check out their...
  8. Saint Augustine JLR

    2020 JL Rubi Rims & Tires

    5 Stock 2020 Rubi rims, tires, and lug nuts/locknuts with key. Tires are all still mounted and have roughly 1200 miles on them. $1500 plus shipping or if you're close enough I'll meet you halfway to deliver them. UPDATE - SOLD
  9. Saint Augustine JLR

    Been Diving

    So the world's been crazy and Doc said I haven't the capacity to deal with it any longer - even with my meds. I guess my 22 yrs of active duty military service was enough to wreck me. So, I've taken to civilian scuba diving in addition to wheelin' - you know, to tame the beast. Funny thing...
  10. Saint Augustine JLR

    2020 Sarge Green JLR

    Recently traded in our 2012 JKUS and started on a 2020 JLR. We moved to Saint Augustine, Florida and funny how the build is going in an entirely new direction. We had built the JK entirely for MOAB but seem to be heading in a completely new direction with this one. I'm not even sure why. Maybe...
  11. Saint Augustine JLR

    Jeep wave?

    Uhm, someone want to come drop some leaflets from the sky over St. Augustine, Florida? No one here ever heard of that Jeep wave thing before. Either they didn't get the memo at the Jeep dealerships or they just don't care. I recently moved here from Minnesota and have been waiving at every...