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  1. DavidDJL69

    Differential Fluid Replacement

    Am I crazy for replacing the fluid in my JLUR diffs with Mopar brand or is there clearly a better option? I know Eddie chose Royal Purple and a good friend who owns his own off-road fab shop pushes Schaefer’s. Is one clearly superior or are all adequate? Thanks for any direction on this...
  2. DavidDJL69

    Taser JL and UConnect Upgrade

    I recently took my JLUR to the dealer to have the UConnect system upgraded. I unplugged and removed the Taser JL's components before going to the dealer. I just hooked the Taser JL back up and reset my settings on it and discovered that the Off-Road pages app that came with the UConnect...
  3. DavidDJL69

    Off-road Pages

    I know this topic isn’t new but was wondering how JL owners are finding the new off road pages app on their 8.4 Uconnect navigation screens. I haven’t received my update yet, called Mopar customer service and they don’t seem to know much of anything. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using JL...
  4. DavidDJL69

    Skid Systems

    Anyone know of a vendor other than Hard Rock that’s come out with a skid system to replace the OEM on a Rubicon JL? Seems weird no one has been promoting aftermarket skids since it’s got to be a cash cow with all the JL’s being purchased now. Heard EVO is going to produce one but nothing yet...