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  1. scoobycarolanNC

    Dynomax Muffler delete 3.6l

    Sorry I never saw your reply. I still have it if you're interested. Send me a DM and I'll get it.
  2. scoobycarolanNC

    Adjust control arms after 4.5 inch lift

    Sorry for the late reply. I’ll be forthcoming, I’ve not built a Jeep up past 3”. I’ve certainly read plenty and daydreamed about it, but I’m NOT an expert. You seem to be going in the right direction. I didn’t want to over-recommend in your caster angle. My JL was 3”+ and I ended up around 4.75...
  3. scoobycarolanNC

    Adjust control arms after 4.5 inch lift

    Sorry I see the pics now. You need to push the lower fronts out until the springs are straight and the adjust the top arms out as well, but leaving 4-5 degrees of caster on the front axle. Still need the track bars and toe adjusted too for the new tires and ride height.
  4. scoobycarolanNC

    Adjust control arms after 4.5 inch lift

    Hey there! It looks like no pics got uploaded. You definitely need all the arms adjusted and probably every other part on your rig. Both track bars need to be adjusted to recenter your axles under the body. Then you need the front wheel’s toe reset on the tie rod so it’ll all go straight. Find...
  5. scoobycarolanNC

    Rear Camera "scrolling" after installing LED bumper reverse lights

    Maybe its something simple on the lights you can adjust. Reach out to the manufacturer or see if they have a forum, I bet the answer is out there.
  6. scoobycarolanNC

    New Jeep! Questionable Suspension?

    The Willys comes with Rubicon shocks, so you got a 1.75 or a 2” spacer lift. I ran one for a year on my Sahara and it did great, but I agree it was rough. Get yer googler and look up “68322798AA control arm”. That is the Mopar part number for longer front lower control arms that come in the...
  7. scoobycarolanNC

    Rear Camera "scrolling" after installing LED bumper reverse lights

    have you watched any slo-mo vids with LEDs and they blink? Or some of the new videos of helicopters flying but it looks like the propellor isn’t moving? The capture rate of the rear view camera and the pulse of the LEDs is somewhat synced and causing and causing that phenomenon.
  8. scoobycarolanNC

    How big on 3.45 Gears

    I ran 285/75r18s KM3s on a similar setup (stock rims stock offsets). I bet yuo could get away with 295/70/r17s with no spacers. Nitto has the trail grappler in 35x11.5r17 that'll probably work too but they're DUMB expensive, like $385 a piece.
  9. scoobycarolanNC

    Public Service Announcement...

    Drop your skids every now and then. Hauling and extra 30 pounds of cement is bad for gas milage and transmission temperatures lol.
  10. scoobycarolanNC

    Upper oil pan gasket?

    My dealer pulled it off and she's not dripping like the clap anymore! And I got to tool around in the brand new 2022 Grand Cherokee L which was friggin SWEET!
  11. scoobycarolanNC

    Upper oil pan gasket?

    right? Its basically the bottom of the engine block that the regular oil pan bolts into from what I gather.
  12. scoobycarolanNC

    Upper oil pan gasket?

    So it sat at the dealer all week, they couldn't get the gasket fast, and there was a HUGE friggin oil puddle under it. Honestly, I don't really think its a 'factory fuck up' even tough they swore up and down that they'd seen it before. I seached around and saw some that made it look like they...
  13. scoobycarolanNC

    PRICE DROP. Spicer Dana M186 Chromo front shafts

    Ok come on y’all. $300 and you pick em up!!
  14. scoobycarolanNC

    Upper oil pan gasket?

    Hey y’all! Took my 2021 3.6 in for an oil change and when I got it home (and over the weekend) I noticed a drop or 2 of dirty oil under the engine. Took it back in and they think it’s the upper oil pan gasket. The dealer said they’d seen one or two before, but I’d never heard of it. Anyone else...
  15. scoobycarolanNC

    In Under The Wire

    Very sweet! Keep it waxed so that granite crystal pops!
  16. scoobycarolanNC

    E Wrangler......has anybody got one yet and what thoughts?

    They’re around. I saw one in Kure Beach, NC.
  17. scoobycarolanNC

    Mod the baja designs squadron wire loom

    Thanks y’all! I’m going to get after it tomorrow.
  18. scoobycarolanNC

    Mod the baja designs squadron wire loom

    Yup, I rewatched the ARB one & I still couldn’t figure it out. I emailed Baja to see what they say. The lights are terrifically built, but like come on, probably 40% of the wranglers & gladiators have the switches. They should have put better instructions in there.